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Reliable SMT Assembly Equipment XY Platform Gas Blowing Type Automatic Screw Machine

Lugar de origen China
Nombre de la marca PY
Número de modelo 2001
Cantidad de orden mínima 1
Precio 1-15000
Detalles de empaquetado Caja
Capacidad de la fuente 500

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auto screw tightening machine


epoxy dispensing machine

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automatic screw machine

automatic locking screw machine need to meet the trachea, through the feeding system, the distribution system, the three part of the system to complete the screw lock. Complete all the action of this machine are controlled by the program of the equipment itself, and each part of the system need according to the actual screw specifications. To be attached to the position angle and size specific custom lock, as the standard components.
The screw machine with turbine feeding, screw arrangement to the rail vibration, and by assigning screw, through the tracheal pressure the screws to lock mouth, by electric group of wind or group for the screw lock pay boring work.

Equipment characteristics:

1 screw machine is strong, the operation is flexible, and the lock is out of high efficiency and reliability.
2 turbine mode on the material, and the vibration plate, lift and so on compared to the volume and noise smaller, easy maintenance. At the same time due to different materials, reduce the damage to the screw coating.
3. From the pressure fluctuations, torque precise and convenient adjustment, can set torque value torque value error 3% / 100 stars, voltage starting, without press.
4 by the single chip microcomputer automatic control, the use of double sensor, the lock is one after another screw, no repeat to the phenomenon of the material; 100%. Even if the screw causes the card material, the non professional staff can be solved in a few seconds.
5.0.5 seconds out of a screw, the efficiency of 50 /min (depending on the length of the screw).
6 single handed operation, the other hand is desirable to put the product, the efficiency of artificial 2-5 times.
7 the use of safety, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, good environment adaptability, environmental protection.
8 the configuration of the original imported components. The key parts adopt special steel special heat treatment process, to ensure that the number of 10 million pieces of screw operation zero fault.

Applicable scope:

Specification: M1-M6 screw length diameter ratio L/D = 1.2
Material: no limit
Screw head shape: a word, cross, triangle, plum, within the six corner, H top
Screw batch: batch, wind power can be;
Electronics, small home appliances, automobiles, computers, communications, instrumentation, toys and other industries

Technical parameters of hand held automatic screw machine

1 screw pocket volume: M2*65000PCS
2 working efficiency: 1 (PCS/S)
3 working power supply: 220V50Hz
4 working pressure: 2-6KGF/Cm
5 machine power: 30W
6 dimensions: 370*250*190MM
7 machine weight: 10G
8 transmission distance: 1-4 meters
9 noise: less than 65dB